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Occupational Therapists are skilled in the assessment and provision of services that focus on the daily occupations of self-care, productivity and leisure through the identification or assessment of physical, emotional, cognitive or developmental dysfunction from whatever the cause in order to alleviate the dysfunction, restore, improve or maintain optimal function or develop latent skills, (Occupational Therapy Profession Act, 1990).

Within the Rehabilitation Medicine faculty, our coursework in various medical sciences and disabling conditions enable us to explain the impact of impairments on occupational performance in terms that are meaningful and relevant.These results are shared with the referring party along with recommendations for services, equipment and/or direct therapy.

Our clinical training and expertise allow us to design and implement treatment programs to maximize an individual’s return to maximal function following and injury.

F.A.C.T. Services has over 41 years of collective experience in Occupational Therapy

Standards in Occupational Therapy

To be eligible to practice Occupational Therapy in Canada, one must complete all required course work, clinical placements and successfully pass the National Certification Exam.  Occupational Therapy falls within the Health Professions Act in many provinces.  Within the Health Professions Act of Alberta (The Act), there are stipulations for working within the defined scope of practice, adherence to standards of practice and provisions for defining a continuing competency program.

The Act states that “Occupational Therapists … in collaboration with their clients, develop and implement programs to meet everyday needs in self care, leisure and productivity and assess, analyze, modify and adapt the activities in which their clients engage to optimize health and functional independence.”

As part of our curriculum we must complete 1200 hours of supervised clinical work to enable us to apply theory to practice while supervised by a licensed member of our profession.

The Occupational Therapists of F.A.C.T. Services are:

Sandra Impey

Sandra Impey, MHS, B.Sc.O.T.(C)

  • Graduated with a Science degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Alberta in 1990; obtained her Master’s degree in 2004
  • Has worked predominately with adults across the continuum of care, including acute care, long-term care, and community care
  • Has expertise in assessment of function, determination of and prescription of equipment needs, case coordination and promotion of health
  • Has taken advanced training in the Matheson Protocol for Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Has completed all the Mastery Series of continuing education within the Matheson Protocol including Life Care Planning, FCE with Traumatic Brain Injury, Forensic  Rehabilitation and Advanced FCE
  • Has proven observational and assessment skills.
  • Has extensive experience in cognitive-behavioral treatment for chronic pain, ergonomics, work site assessments and driving capacity assessments
  • Specializes in conducting med-legal assessments for both plaintiff and defence counsel
  • Sandra qualified as an expert witness in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 2006 & 2015 and the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench in 2012. She has also been affirmed as an expert witness in Occupational Therapy in CPP-Disability appeal hearings.
  • Is licensed to practice in B.C. as well as Alberta
  • Qualified to administer Brain Fx Assessment for concussion/mild traumatic brain injury

Chris Thiessen

Chris Thiessen, MOT (C), BPE

  • Graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelors of Physical Education (BPE) degree in 2014 and a Master of Occupational Therapy (MOT) degree in 2016.
  • Has developed skills in assessment and treatment of adults with PTSD, anxiety, depression, concussion, brain injury and chronic pain using a cognitive-behavioural approach
  • Has completed the WorkWell Functional Capacity Evaluation v.2 certification program
  • Has completed the Comprehensive Introduction to Vestibular Rehabilitation course, obtaining skills in assessing and treating a wide spectrum of vestibular disorders
  • Has developed skills in completing Functional Capacity Evaluations, return to work planning, and ergonomic assessments
  • Has experience assessing and treating individuals with specialized wheelchair/seating needs
  • Has developed skills in assessing function and equipment needs of adults in community, supported living environments and long term care
  • Is licensed to work in Alberta and British Columbia
Elsa Y Posas

Elsa Y Posas, MSc.O.T.

  • Graduated from the University of Alberta in 2010 with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy
  • Understanding of clinical conditions and human Physiology through previous training in Human Medicine, graduated in 2003.
  • Has skills in assessment, consultation and treatment of adults across a wide spectrum of conditions including lower leg wounds and edema, orthopedics, acute care medical, cognitive impairment, visual impairment and brain injury
  • Has completed Alpha fim training for classification and discharge planning for stroke survivors
  • Specialized in Stroke Best Practice Standards for acute and subacute Rehabilitation of motor and cognitive impairment in a hospital environment as well as in community
  • Has completed numerous post graduate course work in the area of Cerebral Vascular Accident and currently member of the Grande Prairie Stroke Early Supported Discharge and Stroke Action Plan
  • Client centered practice and development of goal oriented treatment programs.
  • Is licensed to work in Alberta
  • When not working, highly involved and committed with the Grande Prairie community through volunteering in different organizations involving adults, youth and children

We are well supported by our support staff.

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